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Plan Design and Implementation

Creating the right plan for you:

We listen to your objectives, analyze the data, and have a thoughtful discussion with you to craft a customized plan that accounts for the various complex legal requirements.

We will design a retirement plan with your unique needs in mind, helping you understand the many different types of retirement plans available to arrive at a solution that appeals to you, your employees, and your bottom line. 

A creative design can often save a plan sponsor more money than their investments may earn.

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Our friendly, professional staff will guide you through each step of the process:

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Administration & Consulting

Saving you time and money with trusted expert guidance.

Our experienced team of professionals first and foremost sees that your plan stays compliant, verifies cash flows within the plan for each participant, and acts as an extended HR department to respond to questions/requests related to the company’s retirement plan.

Beyond the core compliance and trust accounting services, we annually review the plan and make recommendations to ensure the plan continues to meet your stated objectives accounting for demographic, legislative, and overall business changes. 

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We perform the following services to provide a smooth and efficient plan operation:

Grant Brown, VP and Jeffrey Brown, President

From defined benefit plans for business owners to 401(k) plans for hundreds of employees, we want to help your business save.

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ERISA Compliance Resolution

Preserving the tax favored treatment of your plan

Without the proper guidance and oversight, some Plans may fall out of compliance in form or operation and need corrective action to avoid potentially significant financial consequences. 

Most commonly a plan sponsor is referred to us as they may have failed to do one of the following: update plan documents, follow the plan provisions, make proper contributions/distributions, or make timely 5500 filings.

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We perform the following services to provide a smooth and efficient plan operation:

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Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

Pure tax savings for the employer and employees

If your employees pay for a portion of their health insurance costs, implementing a Section 125 plan allows for the premiums to be taken out of pay before being subject to payroll or income tax, saving the employer 7.65%+ and savings the employee 20-50% (depending on their marginal tax rate) for each dollar in premiums paid or money elected to be funded into a dependent care plan.

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We provide the following to allow you and your employees immediate tax savings:

Start your customized retirement plan analysis.

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Pension Valuation

Divorce is never easy. Knowing what your pension is worth isn’t easy either.

When a couple is going through a divorce, their attorneys will often want to have an estimated current value of the Defined Benefit/Pension Plan that either spouse may have through their current or former employer. 

Since most large private plans and public plans only allow for annuity forms of distribution, we are able to review their current plan documents and benefits statement(s) to provide an estimated present value of the benefit were a lump sum distribution option to be available that can them be used in the divorce negotiations.

Men looking at pension valuation for divorce

Pension Valuation Request

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Discover which Plan Type is right for you.